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Tree Stress Recovery

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Quite often a concerned homeowner will call about a particular tree on their property saying they’ve noticed that a key tree is looking much thinner and weaker than it used to be and are really worried about it.

Ignoring obvious signs of tree decline generally results in the loss of the tree.

When a tree doesn’t look ‘quite right’ there is generally a reason.

  1. Tree roots continuously extract nutrients from the soil to build their size and girth as they grow but over time, that soil becomes weak and depleted.
  2. Did construction occur near the root system of the tree within the past 12 years? An addition? Swimming pool? New Patio? Water line?
  3. Is there a lot of clay in the soil that the tree has struggled with for years?
  4. Did a drought occur in the past few years?
  5. Have we experienced overly wet/rainy seasons in past years? These conditions can cause root rot from a lack of soil oxygen which takes a trees root system years to recover from. Sometimes they just can’t.

A stressed tree can be suffering from any of these issues, or a combination of them, at the same time. It takes a tree many years to show outward signs of stress but once it does it is important to provide care in an attempt to strengthen and save the tree.

While we always recommend High Pressure Root Fertilization for even the healthiest of trees, for weak trees as shown in this segment, well, they require special care. How do we accomplish this?

In addition to our basic root fertilization program which targets the outer drip line roots we also implement what we refer to as our ‘Tree Stress Recovery Program’.

Underground, at the base of any tree trunk are thousands of fine root hairs attached to the heavy buttress roots which support the tree. Within this area, we pump a rich suspension of twenty two (22) different minerals, nutrients, amino acids as well as beneficial fungi. This gives the tree a tremendous boost.

After years of testing different combinations of products this particular product mix has resulted in amazing results over 85% of the time.

The amount of product that we apply is based on the tree trunk diameter and then monitored and dispensed through a gallonage meter.

This treatment is ‘fertilization on steroids’. We can honestly say that if this process doesn’t help a tree recover from whatever stress it is under, nothing else could have.

It is important to note that the recoveries depicted here did not occur over night. It takes many years for trees to show they are in a stage of decline and it could take 3 to 4 years to show potential recoveries as depicted here. Most of these before and after photos were taken 4 years apart.



Silver Maple




Pin Oak





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