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Our Tree Service Gallery

Oak - Before & After

Walnut - Year 1 & Year 3

Spruce Year 1

Year 2

Year 3

Maple - Year 1 & Year 2

Maple - Year 1 & Year 5

Pin Oak - Year 1 & Year 4

Linden - Year 1 & Year 3

Maple - Year 1 & Year 4

Walnut - Year 1 & Year 4

Silver Maple - Year 1 & Year 5

Maple - Year 1 & Year 3

Locust - Year 1 & Year 3

Ash - Year 1 & Year 3

Chlorotic Oak Prior to Treatment

The same Oak recovering 2 months after treatment

Spruce Year 1

Year 2

Year 3

Line of Crab Apple trees defoliated from yearly fungus

We treated the 6 trees on the left the following year

The year after that, Tree Green treated the two on the right

2 identical Crab Apple trees in Spring, prior to showing infection

Tree Green treated the tree on the right only

Viburnum Before & After

Ash Before & After

Experience the Tree Green Difference

At Tree Green, we don’t just care for trees; we care for people. Our approach melds hassle-free scheduling with prompt response times, so you can rest assured your time—and your trees—are highly valued. But what truly sets us apart is our blend of 1950s-style customer service with modern arboricultural expertise; it’s where time-honored values meet cutting-edge science.

We’re fully committed to exceeding your expectations at every step. Our certified arborists not only offer you the best tree care solutions but also extend the utmost respect to your property. In a world where customer service often falls by the wayside, we’re raising the bar, one satisfied customer and healthy tree at a time.