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Because it is the single most important step to maintaining healthy landscaping


Why consider TREE

There is a common misconception that trees take care of themselves. Nothing could be further from the truth! Just imagine how your lawn would look without fertilization.

root feedingTrees in an urban setting are highly ‘stressed’ due to clay content and compacted soils, competition from grass and other plantings, poor drainage, restricted growing areas, road salt, and pollution. Root stress reduces plant vigor and predisposes trees to a variety of insect and disease problems.

Proud property owners who place a high value on their landscaping realize the need for proper yearly fertilization to maintain and preserve their trees, which are the focal point of their landscaping plan.

The Root Fertilization Process

Our nutrients are dispensed underground, approximately 3 to 4 inches below the surface. Going any deeper than that would bypass the all-important feeder roots.

We slide our probes into the ground just deep enough so that grass roots cannot ‘steal’ the product. At the tip of our probes are four holes that shoot the rich mineral and nutrient suspension in four different directions. This enriches the soil at the numerous injection sites all around the drip line of your tree. This is where the highest concentration of feeder roots are found. The mixture then ‘leeches’ downward into the soil reaching more of the root system. If it rains on the day of the application it will not affect the process. Actually, rains that come either that day or over the following weeks are helpful and necessary.

The Tree Green Root Feeding Program

Not all companies ‘root feed’ the same. Some companies use inexpensive nitrogen products, which provide some green-up, but little else. This service may be less expensive in the short-term, but it hurts trees in the long run as branches grow long and wispy because the minerals to build girth are missing. Tree Green will pressure inject a rich, pre-mixed suspension of minerals, nutrients, and amino acids at multiple injection sites around each tree. This suspension supplies your trees with the same rich nutrients that trees receive in a forested setting where fallen leaves and limbs decompose, enriching the forest floor.


Forty+ years of experience and testing with a myriad of minerals, nutrients, and amino acids have helped us arrive at the fertilization mixture we currently offer. We are confident that a ‘better’ mix of products simply doesn’t exist!


Root Feeding with
Tree Green is the most effective method for clay soils

Most clients have soils that are typical for our area – they are heavy in clay. Tree Green’s equipment delivers nutrients at high pressure, 200 PSI. (For comparisons sake, garden hose pressure is 30 PSI).

The high pressure feeding process creates cracks and fissures in the soil allowing oxygen and rain to more easily penetrate the ground. Roots thrive in this environment. It is impossible for Ross Root Feeders or ‘tree spikes’ to duplicate professional root fertilization because of the superior products we use and the pressure with which our equipment delivers it!

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