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Bumps on Leaves 'BUMP GALLS'

Every year we receive numerous phone calls from homeowners claiming their trees’ leaves are under attack from thousands of bugs. Upon inspection we identify the ‘culprit’ as Leaf Galls, which is not an active insect problem.

Leaf Galls appear as bumps on the leaves. They can be red, green or black and can be shaped like little round BB’s or like a Unicorn horn sticking out of the leaf. Galls can be so numerous on a single leaf that the distorted leaf is unrecognizable. As the summer progresses and the galls dry out they begin to break free of the leaf and fall away. This leaves holes in the leaves that can be mistaken as chewing insect damage.

Gall BumpsGalls can appear on many varieties of trees but are most common on Maples, Oaks, Lindens, Hackberry and River Birch.

Leaf Galls are areas of accelerated plant growth. Galls are caused by tiny wasp-like insects and mites that are not particularly damaging to the trees. The galls develop long after the initial feeding cycle of the insects that caused them. The problem is more unsightly than anything.

Homeowners often question our “no treatment required” diagnosis after receiving conflicting recommendations from other companies. But trust us… leaf galls will not harm your tree in the long term, and we refuse to profit from unnecessary treatments. Tree Green prides itself on honesty and integrity.


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